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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela)

South Africa is an aspiring emerging nation. However every third person still lives below the poverty line. With an unemployment rate around 25% only a small minority are profiting economically as South Africa is one of the countries with the largest social inequality. The township Khayelitsha demonstrates specific social day-to-day problems: An estimated two million people live in self-built wood or corrugated iron shacks, with most lacking access to clean drinking water, electricity and sanitation.In this rapidly expanding shantytown youth unemployment is above 70% and criminal gangs, violence against women and disease shape daily life (40% of pregnant women are infected with HIV). This is especially true for children who are most exposed to these circumstances.

Education is a way out of this situation.

The Baphumelele initiative provides education, medicine and shelter for orphaned children. Three dedicated teachers have been working in the township since 1994 and in the summer of 2012 we came into contact with them and their work. Where previously homeless orphaned children played on rubbish dumps there came from within the Khayelitsha community first a kindergarten, then in 2001 a shelter for homeless children and more recently a medical centre for HIV infected youth.

As we got to know the project better it became clear that the existing school is in dire need of further development and new classrooms are necessary for children to gain access to education and care. Although Baphumelele actively seek support locally financial possibilities are scarce.

The Capricorn Foundation – Baphumelele enables to offer Baphumelele their support in a legally transparent way. The cost of the school redevelopment is estimated by a reputable architect to be €56,000.This project can be brought about through charity events such as theatre performances, exhibitions and concerts in Frankfurt am Mein, Berlin and Paris and also through your financial donations.

What we do